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Welcome to My Funeral!

Who among us has not fantasized about eavesdropping on our own funeral and hearing what our friends and lovers have to say about us? Or, more regretfully, wished we had told those we love (or hate?) what they mean to us, before it was too late?

As a member of you can solve these dilemmas—and the options are up to you! You may choose to prepare a statement to your friends and family to be read, viewed or listened to at your funeral—or even while you are still living—telling them how you feel about them. OR PERHAPS YOU WANT TO LET SOMEONE KNOW WHAT SONG TO PLAY AT YOUR FUNERAL. Or perhaps you want them to be able to tell you how they feel about you, while they still can. You may decide to post your will for friends and family to see. Or simply to write your own obituary or epitaph. The possibilities are as infinite as your imagination.

Remember, it's your funeral. Enjoy it while you're still alive.™